So! (en) | Access to clean water around the world

From a global perspective, the percentage of people with access to clean water has relentlessly been increasing througout the last decades. The below World Bank’s line chart shows that our planet has seen an overall improvement of almost 15%. 


However, the reality shows a great gap between developed countries and developing countries that still needs to be narrowed. In 2015, the difference between some countries in Africa or South East Asia and those in Europe or North America was still huge. For example, only 40% of the population in Papua New Guinea had access to clean water. Although this percentage might have increased during the last year, it’d be still low in comparison to other countries in the same region that have virtually full access to drinking water.

Nevertheless, we can find an exception to this global improvement in sanitation. In the sub-Saharan region of Africa, the number of people that cannot access clean water has increased since 1990 due to population growth and insuficient progress. 



The chart below shows that Chad, Angola, Ecuatorial Guinea and Papua New Guinea are the 4 countries with worst access to safe water as for 2015.