So! (en) | Radio piece on Rodrigo Duterte (LSR)

I produced a little radio piece on the Philippines and the president-elect Rodrigo Duterte. When I first started to put this project together, I thought of Mr Duterte as a kind of South-east Asian Kim Jong-un. However, after listening and interviewing many Filipinos living in the UK, I have some doubts. On the one hand, Duterte’s extra judicial manners to wipe out narcotics from the country sistematically violate human rights. On the other hand, during his tenure as a major of Davao, he turned the city from a heaven for criminals to one of the countries safest villas. His popularity is very high among Filipinos, and many think of Duterte as the best president the country has ever had. Does the end justify the means?

The piece will go on air on September, 20th, on LSR (Leeds Student Radio). However, you can already listen to it…

—– Click here to listen to the podcast —–