r.i.d.e.r.s. | 🎥

r.i.d.e.r.s. | Sergio López – Dec. 2016 from Sergio López on Vimeo.

Deliveroo is a successful business of the so called “Gig Economy”. One of the keys to the success of these kinds of companies is their business model. This is because, the great majority of the workers at, for example, Deliveroo are self-employed and, therefore, concepts such as paid holidays or sick pay in case of illness or accident simply don’t exist. How is it like to work for a company that shall assume no responsibility whatsoever for any damage caused to you while on the road? We spoke with a Leed’s Deliveroo rider to know more.


Produced by: Sergio López
Music: Momentum by Zplit (Royalty Free Music) http://goo.gl/YmnOAx
Other video sources: Uber and Deliveroo


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