So! (en) | Can political satire trigger social change?: from political cartoons to memes

The Internet is a bastion of folk culture. Insider slang, chain emails, and trendy videos fill inboxes and news feeds, circulating from user to user. In this rather dynamic, fast-paced environment, memes emerge as the new form of political satire; a piece of culture, typically a joke, which gains influence through online transmission. However, contrary to what happened to political cartoons in the past, memes might bring the danger of minimising the importance of very sensitive issues. In my last article for PETRIe, I explore millennial satire and whether this kind of digital critique can trigger social change or, on the contrary, increase political skepticism. 


So! (en) | The capital of emotion dynamics in CrossFit

CrossFit has seemed to spark one of the biggest fitness trends of the twenty-first century. Its popularity has surpassed the growth of other well-known fitness franchises such as body-pump or spinning. One of the most striking things about this sport is the rather supportive and inclusive community that has grown around it. This “tribe” aims at breaking the old fitness rule of training ‘together alone’. In a more extreme manner, both followers and detractors see CrossFit as a cult. This comfirms the view of human beings as social animals, and highlights our need to feel part of something bigger than us. If you want to know more about the emotion dynamics that are forged within sports such as CrossFit, I invite you to read my most recent article for PETRIe here

ALÓ (es) | La gran vuelta de May en “June”

En mi último artículo para Extra International, examino las decisiones políticas que han llevado a Theresa May a convocar nuevas elecciones generales para el 8 de Junio. Además, hago hincapié en las consecuencias que esto puede acarrear tanto para Reino Unido como para los ciudadanos comunitarios residentes en el país. Una cosa está clara, con la gran victoria de los Tories que pronostican la mayoría de las encuestas, podemos esperar un Brexit (muy) duro para los no nacionales. Y, seguramente a la larga, repercusiones muy negativas para los nacionales también. 

Podéis leer mi artículo aquí, en la página 2. 

So! (en) | The comedy that betrays the sisterhood(?)

Recently, I wrote a piece on the new wave of post-feminist comedy that is taking over the stand-up circuit. These female comedians operate from a narrative of false gender equality which becomes a double-edged sword. On the one hand, “it’s comedy”, and it can make fun of anything. On the other hand, given the global context we live in today, this kind of comedy can harm the work of other feminists in places where gender equality is not even a subject of discussion. 

You can read my article for PETRIe here to know more about post-feminist comedians and their work. 

ALÓ (es) | ¿El miedo… que nos desune?

Recientemente escribí un artículo para el periódico londinense con el que colaboro sobre el 60 aniversario del Tratado de Roma con el que se estableció la Unión Europea. En esta columna mensual exploro la agitada relación entre la Unión Europea y el Reino Unido con especial énfasis en las consecuencias del Brexit para las comunidad Hispana del país. En la pieza de este mes no sólo hablaba de la entrega del Brexit que se produjo el pasado mes de Marzo, sino también sobre el auge de los populismos que están gangrenando esta unión de naciones. 

Hoy no es un día cualquiera. Volvemos a enfrentarnos a la posibilidad de que la demagogia más inhumana se apodere de las instituciones democráticas. La templanza de los franceses se mide hoy en las urnas, mientras el resto de Europa contempla la partida con la ansiedad de habérselo jugado todo al doble o nada. Con ansiedad, repito, y con un sutil sentimiento de culpa, añado. No podemos negarnos, y debemos asumir que el avance de la extrema derecha es producto de unas políticas Europeas ineficientes. Es lo que ocurre cuando se actúa desde el miedo: medidas insuficientes por miedo a…; populismos en auge por miedo a….

Aquí podéis leer el periódico donde colaboro. Mi columna en la segunda página. 

So! (en) | New video series

I am happy to announce my new video series on LGBT’s rights across the globe. For this first episode I had the pleasure to have a chat with Tamás Dombos. He is a board member, project coordinator, and a staff member of the Legal Program at Háttér Society, one of the largest LGBT associations in Hungary. 

I will add new episodes soon, so stay tune. 

Find more about Háttér Society on:

So! (en) | Land-s of storm

Recently, I watched the movie “Viharsarok” (Land of Storms) by Ádám Császi. This little gem shines for two particular reasons: a beautiful script that explores the consequences of a gay romance in a rural region of Hungary, and the outstanding performances of the three main actors – András Sütö, Sebastian Urzendowsky and Ádám Varga-.

The fact that the story is mainly located in Hungary rapidly grabbed my attention, as I know little about LGBT’s rights in this part of Europe. Indeed, this left me wondering how the situation of LGBT people currently is in different parts of the World. 

I am originally from Spain (a country known to be one of the most LGBT tolerant places in Europe – if not in the planet – ), and so I live inside a bubble of open-mindedness that does not correspond to the vast reality. 

Therefore, I’d like to know more about the rights of lesbians, gays, bisexuals and transsexuals in other countries. In particular, I am curious to know how living as a LGBT person feels like in other parts of the world. That’s why I’d like to start a series of video interviews with people who want to tell me their experiences in their countries… If you fancy having a chat with me, do not hesitate and drop me a line!