So! (en) | Bullying in the UK

The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) released a report with striking data about bullying in the UK. You can read the complete report here. Following, I present the key findings:

The most common types of bullying:


Indeed, physical bullying is more common among children aged 11 and under; those aged 16-18 are more likely to be victims of online bullying; blackmailing affects children aged 12-15.

What children are bullied over:


Particularly, children who identified themselves as LGTB noted that they had been bullied at school, on social media and at home. [AT HOME!]

Bullying makes up 9% of the total calls received by ChildLine , and it is the most common reason why children aged 11 or younger call the line. 


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