So! (en) | The true size of the World

Today, I bring you an app to compare the size of the countries. “The True Size” – that’s how it’s called – is an interactive map on which you can select a country and drag it around on the World to compare its size to the rest of the territories. It is quite fascinating to see that the representation of the Earth that we are all familiar with is not as accurate as we might have expected. 

For example, with an extension of 17,098,242 km², Russia is only 1.78 times bigger than China (9,596,961 km²)


The USA (8,080,464 km²) is only 0.21 times smaller than the whole continent of Europe (10,180,000 km²)


On the surface of the African continent (30,200,000 km²) you can fit the size of three Canadas (9,984,670 km²). 



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