So! (en) |The middle ground between the poles: Soviet design V Capitalist design

In my October article for PETRIe, I wrote about Soviet design and, particularly, about Soviet consumers. They have lived the transition from nauseating shortage to disparate abundance; from an economy strictly planned by the State to the one driven by the market. Are these people enjoying the vast universe of options that capitalism offers today? Or on the contrary, do they still see products primarily through the angle of their instrumental role?

On the top of that, is there any middle ground between wild capitalism and grey socialism? In this line, the answer to these two extreme ends might come in the shape of a “Third Way”. This political position aims at reconcile right-wing economic strategies and social-democratic theories. British former prime minister, Tony Blair, Italian current prime minister, Matteo Renzi, or former U.S. president, Bill Clinton are considered to be Third Way politicians. The results, or the lack of them, are there for you to judge. Is a middle ground even possible? or will we be endlessly oscillating from one pole to the other?  

You can read the article here, or by clicking on my Portfolio menu.


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