So! (en) | Merkel’s old spice

Do you remember, a bit more than a year ago, mama Merkel comforting a sobbing Palestinian girl on TV?

Do you remember, just a year ago, Merkel defending Germany’s open-doors refugee policy? and rejecting criticism over the same policy months later?

After one year of sympathy, Angela Merkel has said enough, and now she’s back to the iron throne to do what she does best: rule them all with iron fist. Probably it wasn’t her decision to make. However, Germans have slammed the chancellor for the open door refugee policy after the recent terror attacks that happened in the country. Her popularity is going down, and she is decided to go back to business. The German leader defends now the so called “one-in, one-out” immigration policy. On the top of that, she has come to terms with the italian prime minister, Matteo Renzi, to double refugee deportations. 

Because that’s how the Union should deal with social integration issues. Because that’s what works best. Because those terrorist who made the whole continent shiver weren’t … German citizens?

Do you remember, not long ago, when Merkel decided to fix things by leaving those in need out of the picture?


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