So! (en) | Universal Basic Income will come, indeed

As technology advances and society evolves, wouldn’t it make sense to kill off useless jobs that keep people away from learning, researching and creating?  

A couple of weeks ago, polls opened in Switzerland for a referendum on a universal basic income. Swiss voted, and voted no, which left me thinking. The country had rejected the proposal, which would have granted each of its citizens 2.500 Swiss francs a month, regardless of being employed or unemployed.

Alright, 2.300  €  (2.500 CH) might be a bit more than basic, but, wouldn’t this mean the beginning of a truly robust welfare system? Contrarily to my view, results were clear-cut: 77% of the voters opposed the idea that had been brought up by an independent group, Bien-CH, after gaining enough support to trigger the referendum. This non-profit organization based its campaign on the fact that there is an increasing use of technology and robots in factories that need no income, unlike humans. Also, they wanted to guarantee this basic income to all residents, and not only citizens… For yes, maybe Bien-CH’s approach wasn’t the best one, however, I still support (and very much like) the idea itself. 

Honestly, this petition made a lot of sense to me. Firstly, our current welfare systems are pretty much a mess anywhere. A universal basic (more modest than the Swiss one) income would mean that, at least, families can cover their most essential needs. Secondly, as people might hardly live with the basics, they would need to seek for other ways to boost their incomes, hence, the state wouldn’t have to worry much about those who decide not to work. Because they would be minimal. On the top of that, I believe that if basic needs are covered, people would have less anxieties and, consequently, more time to invest in their ideas and personal projects. For sure, this world could progress, more efficiently and sensibly, if only we hadn’t have to worry about the basic things.


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