Today’s other headlines | 3rd June 2016

Obama defends military budget cuts by saying that the US overreached in Vietnam and Iraq wars

For president Barack Obama, the US made mistakes in Iraq and Vietnam, wars that were “overreached” , he said, for the US. This is the reason he is giving to justify his reluctance to use military force in Syria, whilst, at the same time, he sends a clear message to Donald Trump and his plans for isolationism. 

Germany recognises Armenian genocide amid Turkish pressure

German parliament has ignored an intense pressure campaign from the Turkish government, and has recognised the 1915 massacre of Armenians by  Ottoman Turkish forces as “genocide”. 

Cyclist died in London because the Ambulance’s navigation system wasn’t updated

It took three ambulances up to 27 minutes to find the venue within the Olympic Velodrome, in London, where the 60-year old cyclist was. The man, who collapsed last year in the changing room of the same facilities, was experiencing chest pain at the moment the emergency call was made. 

Londoners are getting prosecuted for hateful language on social media

London’s courts are getting busy by the growing number of “online crimes of speech” that are arriving onto their desks. There is no space for hyperbole on Twitter nowadays, even as a joke if it can be considered offensive or hurtful, you could be arrested. 

Hubble has found that the Universe is expanding 5-9% faster that expected

New innovative techniques developed by the Hubble Space Telescope team have allowed astronomers to redefine the universe’s expansion rate with more accuracy. 


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